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Your ERP System, your wishes, our Solution

We offer you a complete software solution for your asset inventory. With the information from your fixed asset accounting or equipment management, our inventory software can be used to implement a barcode or RFID-assisted asset inventory. Together, we can determine which data would be required for your factory, in order to ensure a quick completion of the inventory or registration of the inventory.

Inventursoftware: Kundenspezfische Komplettlösung für die Anlageninventur

The data exchange between your ERP system and the inventory software, Parsec.NET, is done via a text file, via direct database access or specifically via an existing interface for users of SAP, UNIT4, Diamant, DATEV or Wilken. Of course, Parsec.NET can also be used standalone.

Which ERP Systems are supported by our inventory software can be found here.

Parsec.NET makes it possible

Work with our inventory software in a purposeful and efficient manner. Do not waste any more valuable time. 

Inventursoftware: Effizenz in der Anlageninventur

In order to make the inventory efficient on-site, the chosen information about the fixed assets and the inventory is sent from the inventory software Parsec.NET to the barcode scanner. With the mobile scanning device, you can then scan the barcode-labeled equipment.

You can add additional information to every recorded inventory. The scanner software, PocketParsec, also provides you with additional features, such as statistics or notes. These features can be used in order to make the inventory and evaluation process easier. The recorded data of the assets on the scanner are then transferred to the inventory software Parsec.NET, where they can be evaluated or further processed.

After the asset tracking, you will directly receive a clear result of your inventory in the Parsec.NET inventory software.  Thereafter, you can filter, edit, and finally update the asset data from the inventory to your existing ERP system.

Best to be on the safe site

Data security is our number one priority. Therefore, the data from the inventory software Parsec.NET is stored in a separate password-protected database.

inventursoftware sicherheit

The database can be installed on a local computer, or on an external server. Hence, it is possible to have an external, automated backup of the inventory data.

In addition, the inventory results must be reviewed and confirmed by the user before they are sent to the ERP system. With this procedure we ensure the protection of the data integrity of your system. 

Everything under one roof

Label printers, barcode scanners, RFID readers and printers, labels and ribbons. We have them! We can provide you with the appropriate hardware and the necessary accessories for our inventory software Parsec.NET.

Inventursoftware und Hardware für die Anlageninventur. Alles von der Detzner Sysstemtechnik GmbH.

Do you have any special ideas or wishes? We can customize our offer, so that you can get a complete inventory software solution targeting your specific needs.

Should it become easier? 

Simply contact usWe will gladly send you further information, arrange with a free web presentation or provide you with a demo version of the Parsec.NET inventory software.